Executive Coaching

Coaching has been proven to be one of the most highly effective training and development practices that a company can undertake (it was ranked among the top 3 practices in the recent CIPD Survey on Learning & Talent Development).

In a similar way to Life Coaching, Executive Coaching examines positive change and decision-making, with the focus on the role and workplace environment.

Change management is one of the most crucial areas we will work on, identifying where and why change is needed and considering the effects of change at an individual and organisational level. Change is often met with resistance, but with the right approach can be seen as a positive and progressive step. Coaching will help you to accept and embrace change, and in turn help others to 'get on board' for greater business results. 


Hande has been a great catalyst in my business life, helping me to understand what I really want from a high power job.... What I value most about her is the combination of deep human understanding and business skills. Her insanely insightful yet objective questions changed my life for the better. I am grateful to her for that.
We all have inherent tendency to reach our  potential. What is stopping you?