" Hande is a great coach. She is kind and a positive listener. She also has simple sounding but extremely effective ways of taking a problem to pieces and allowing you to work out how to tackle it. Thank you Hande Karabatak Binns!" GW, Farnham, United Kingdom


"...In every coaching session you were able to tactfully start without making me feel in a rush. I always felt it was perfectly fine to be 100% honest, and simply be myself. Your openness, accepting manner, and your frank smile made the sessions completely non-judgemental. The sessions we had helped me to get clarity on the problems bothering me and they were great help in my journey". PVL. - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, L.A. US


" I worked with Hande during a difficult time of my life. I quit my job in December 2014 and we started our sessions just before that. I was going through a personal transformation as I realised that I was not happy with my job but did not know what to do. Hande helped to realise what really matters in life. Her provoking style of questions always made me think about my own answers not only during the sessions but also later. If it was not the sessions with her, I would not be here in my life as a happy person". MG- DIRECTOR CONSULTANT, DUBAI, UAE.   


" I just would like to let you know that since our last sessions related to smoking, I have not had one single cigarette and i have not craved it in any shape or form:) You have no Idea how grateful I am to you for this. It is like totally out of my life of my universe:) Sending you much love and appreciation" SN - CORPORATE TRAINER, SINGAPORE


".....It was an eye opener on all aspects of my life. What i learnt about myself and my potential can’t ever be unlearnt and is now part of who I have become, who I am. You are a great life coach. I am so glad our paths have crossed." NI - COMPUTER ENGINEER, DUBAI, UAE   


I went to see Hande as although I wanted to have my own architectural practice, I did not know how to start, where to start and more importantly I did not have the confidence.  After a year working with her, I found myself doing the job which I’ve always dreamed myself doing. I am really proud of myself and thankful to Hande for her questions andsupport. She has been a sounding board to me. Thank you Hande, I don’t feel alone! GU - ARCHITECT, IST, TURKEY

I have worked for over 25 years as an HR professional (in International Human Resources Management), for multi-national companies in a wide rage of industries. What unites this experience, diverse as it has been, is that people are at the heart of everything I do. Working to understand, develop and assist people in their work and life has taken me all over the world, immersed in many different cultures. I have had to adapt to these environments and therefore have first-hand knowledge of the complexities of doing so.

If I had to sum up, in one word, my life experience so far, it would be 'change'!Having lived, studied and worked in 10 different countries, and travelled many more, I am familiar with the fear of change, the difficulties it presents and the rewards of eventually embracing a new experience. Change, whether it's relocation, a new direction, new job or a shake-up of process, can bring about feelings of doubt and resistance. My experience has taught me how to address this and how to harness the power of positive change - I have travelled all over the world inspiring people to do the same.

I have Msc in Social Psychology which broadens my perspective in personal and corporate development. I am an accredited coach by the University of Teesside and I have obtained my CIPD membership (MCIPD)  by specialising on Cultural Intelligence/Awareness.