Your Next Steps provides  coaching, training and consultancy for individuals and businesses in a cross-cultural context. Clients benefit from an objective view of the challenges they may face and how best to approach them. 


Examples of this for individuals are; managing change, decision making and sharpening focus - which have tangible and measureable results for those who seek my services.

Coaching Individuals

When working with larger organisations in a cross-cultural context, I specialise in people-centered training and support, for executives and teams, to ensure they are fit for the cross-cultural challenges. This kind of training will equip them with necessary skills to do business in the rapidly evolving 21st century environment.

 Executive Coaching

The value of guidance and proper training at many stages in development of individuals or businesses in the every changing global world can be to save time, save money, increase productivity and enable success. (For case studies please visit News and Articles page below)

Cultural Intelligence Consultancy

Cross - Cultural Awareness Training

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